List of Efforts for ESG

CSR at Benesse

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Overview of Benesse Holdings, inc.
Communication with Stakeholders
Areas and Themes of Efforts
Benesse Group Principles and Standards of Conduct
Our Pledge to Stakeholders and Other Parties
Benesse Group's Environmental Policy

Efforts for ESG in Each Area

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Policy Results of the Group's Inter-nal Efforts Third-Party Verification / External Evaluation
E Climate Change
Biodiversity (Not applicable)
Resource Use
Water Use
Supply Chain (Environment)

S Supply Chain (Society)
Human Rights and Community
Contribution to Regions and Society
Health and Safety
Human Rights and Labor Standards for Working People
Efforts for Diversity
Promoting Active Participation of Women in the Workforce
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Efforts Third-Party Verification / Ex-ternal Evaluation
G Corporate
Corporate Governance Structure
Organization, Personnel and Procedures for Internal Audits and Corporate Audits
Number of Outside Directors and Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members and their Relationships with the Company
Officer Compensation
Organization Chart
Operation Monitoring Functions
Compliance Basic Policy (Group Code of Conduct)
Internal Whistleblower System
Risk Management Risk Management Policy
Disclosure of Business Risks and Action Policy
Efforts for Information Security

Last updated : 2019/04/26