Benesse's new era of sustainability

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The Benesse Group, guided by its corporate philosophy that “Benesse = well-being,” has been committed to motivating people and helping them to overcome challenges throughout the life course ever since its establishment more than 60 years ago. During this time it has tackled a variety of issues centered on the social infrastructure fields of education and nursing care.

Global environmental problems and the complex social challenges that the world now faces have made achieving sustainability an urgent imperative, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted to solve them. The importance of management founded on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles is also now garnering attention.

As extreme population aging continues and living to a hundred becomes increasingly common, we need to take a fresh look at how society can be made more fulfilling and accessible for all. Given the increasing use of artificial intelligence in society, what work styles and forms of self-fulfillment should people pursue? And what and how should the children who will live to see in the next century learn? Having been heavily involved in education and nursing care, the Benesse Group is committed to helping to solve the challenges faced in this time of great uncertainty and constant change.

Faced by such a world, we are convinced that the values embodied by the Benesse Group's corporate philosophy of “Benesse = well-being” will grow ever more important. And we believe that because we have always put people at the heart of our business, we are well placed to make a major contribution to solving these social challenges using the experience, expertise, and underlying human resources that the group has developed as it has worked to make people’s lives happier and more comfortable.

Last September, the Benesse Group established a Sustainability Committee consisting of all full-time directors, and this committee began by discussing and defining a vision of sustainability for the group as a whole. Moving forward, the committee will be working with employees to consider the social challenges and priorities that we should address and to contribute to long-term sustainable business management throughout the group and to the sustainability of society as a whole.

2019 marks the beginning of a new era in sustainability for Benesse, and our challenge is to deliver new forms of “well-being” to meet the needs of society over the next two to three decades.

Representative Director, President and CEO of Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Chairman of the Sustainability Committee

Last updated : 2019/04/26