Benesse Group Corporate Philosophy and Principle

Benesse Group Corporate Philosophy

Benesse = bene("well") + esse("live")

Benesse Group Principles

The Benesse Group is a global corporation with a people-oriented culture.
We believe that before we become good business people, we must live as responsible
members of society and that all of our actions should lead to "Benesse" (Well-being).
In order to achieve this, we adhere to the following principles and promises.

Our Principles

Act sincerely Build trust Pursue challenges and innovation

Promise to our :

We develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers by offering them truly valuable solutions to their present and future needs.
We value teamwork, people development, fairness, and active participation in the work place.
We foster mutual trust and growth with our business partners, thus creating the best value for our customers.
We aim to create an environment in our communities where people of all ages can enjoy life through our services.
We seek to grow and develop in a way that earns our shareholders’ long-term trust.

Last updated : 2020/02/03