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Tamotsu Adachi
Representative Director, President and CEO of
Benesse Holdings, Inc.

The Benesse Group is guided by a corporate philosophy of "Benesse = Well-Being." We conduct business in the fields of domestic and global education, senior nursing care and childcare, and give our customers the support to make the best lifestyle choices – the ones that lead to the long-term betterment of their lives. In the 60 plus years since our founding in 1955, we have accumulated knowledge in the fields of education and senior nursing care and have provided such services by developing close ties to our customers.

Japan is currently facing a time of significant change. The educational system is now expected to prepare the children of the 21st century to live and succeed in a society with an uncertain and challenging future. It should therefore provide more than just knowledge and skill sets; it should also develop the ability to think, make decisions, express oneself, and learn independently. Another big task is to develop talents who can apply their skills on a global scale. Meanwhile, the rapidly declining birthrate and aging population are placing an ever greater emphasis on issues such as support for raising children and the state of nursing care and assistance for seniors.

In this environment, in fiscal 2018, the Benesse Group has embarked on its five-year New Medium-Term Management Plan titled, “Transform and Grow Benesse 2022.” In the Domestic Education field, we will take solid steps forward in all businesses in the category, namely Correspondence Course, School & Teacher Support, and Cram School / Classroom businesses in ways that accommodate the reforms in the education and entrance exam systems that will take place in 2020, as well as digitalization. In midst of the declining birthrate and the aging population, in the Nursing Care and Childcare areas, we will aim for stable growth while improving and increasing service quality so that every customer can live each day in his or her own way. In the Global Education business and Berlitz, we will drive forward fundamental reforms to fortify competitiveness in our products and marketing. In addition, by utilizing M&A's, we will create a third business pillar outside of education and senior nursing care toward fiscal 2022 with the aim to achieve a greater business portfolio and long-term sustainable growth of the overall Group.
It is our employees who support our growth toward realizing each business strategy. By putting our company philosophy --“Benesse” (Well-Being)--into practice and creating an environment where employees can contribute their talents, we will enhance the Group’s competitive edge.

In September 2018, the Benesse Group established the Sustainability Committee consisting of full-time directors. As an entity, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society through taking even greater steps in resolving social issues. In tandem, we strive to achieve greater growth as an indispensable group of companies that provides support to customers over their entire lives.

June 2019
Tamotsu Adachi
Representative Director, President and CEO of
Benesse Holdings, Inc.

Last updated : 2019/06/22