Pursuing our corporate philosophy of “Benesse = well-being”
to support people in their everyday
lives and to continue
to be an indispensable
group of companies.

Hitoshi Kobayashi
Representative Director
and President, CEO

FY2021 results

In FY2021 we recorded net sales of ¥431.9 billion and operating income of ¥20.1 billion, the first increases in two years. However, net income attributable to owners of the parent declined to ¥1.0 billion.
The main factors for change in earnings were higher sales and profit from the achievement of a V-shaped recovery in the Education Business in Japan segment, particularly the Cram School / Classroom business and the School and Teacher Support business, from the year-earlier effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a major improvement in losses in the Berlitz segment from structural reforms implemented in FY2020. On the other hand, net income attributable to owners of the parent decreased owing to an special loss on the transfer of shares in Berlitz Corporation.

Toward longer-term “reform and growth”

In FY2022 we expect to achieve the financial target of Phase 1 of our medium-term management plan for a V-shaped recovery in net sales and operating income. Moreover, in order to achieve our targets for OPM of at least 8% in FY2025 and ROE of at least 10% in FY2023 (brought forward from our initial target of FY2025), we are actively working on reform and inorganic growth (in peripheral areas) in existing businesses and themes in new fields, while at the same time making strategic investments to accelerate the speed of growth.

By pursuing its corporate philosophy of “Benesse = well-being,” Benesse aims to fulfill its mission of being an indispensable group of companies that helps to improve people’s lives.

June 2022

Hitoshi Kobayashi
Representative Director and President, CEO

Last updated : 2022/06/25