Creation of Vibrant, Employee-Oriented Workplaces

Work Life Management Value for Time – A New Workstyle Creating a New Benesse

Benesse Corporation seeks to develop the independence and responsibility of each employee, encouraging them to pursue personal goals and manage the balance between their work and their personal lives well. Based on this approach, the company is implementing work-life management initiatives. It aims to rigorously implement these initiatives as personnel measures not just for female employees but for all employees. The company aims for all employees to be efficient and realize work of high productivity and high added value; be attentive at work and in activities relating to the community or society; and take a wider perspective. The company sees its role as supporting employees' own efforts to achieve these goals. Accordingly, it is implementing three main initiatives: 1. Ensure well-focused work; 2. Provide support when needed, such as for childcare, nursing, and nursing care; and 3. Support health management.

From fiscal 2015, we have been innovating our approach to work under the slogan "Value for Time – a New Workstyle Creating a New Benesse." The message is to increase the speed and quality of our work and deliver high-performance while enjoying life in full by reducing overtime (overtime zero). "Overtime zero" is by no means a token effort at cost reduction, but has been positioned as an initiative to strengthen our competitiveness as a company, which is a major task for management. Management will take the lead in promoting this initiative.

  • Benesse Corporation's Work Life Management Measures
  • Benesse Corporation Work-life Management-related Data (regular employee)

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

Every Benesse Group company has health and safety committees and implements medical checkups as required by law as part of efforts to keep employees healthy. We are also taking steps as a Group to promote healthcare, including sharing cases at Group human resources manager meetings, enhancing industrial physician systems and setting up consultation desks. Moreover, all Benesse Group companies use external employee assistance programs (EAPs). These are only a few examples of our wide-ranging activities on this front.

Operation of the "Speak Up Line" group whistleblower program

The Benesse Group operates an internal whistleblower program called the "Speak Up Line" to provide a means of speedily reporting and obtaining advice in the event of the discovery of illegal acts, misconduct, or infringements of the articles of association or internal regulations.

Group companies work to prevent and rapidly resolve various issues through appropriate utilization of this program.

Last updated : 2018/12/25