Details of Activities

Details of activities

The Sustainability Committee discusses the following.

  • Sustainability-related policies and the main initiatives decision
  • Formulation and promotion of policies for internal and external communication regarding sustainability
  • The report on important sustainability-related issues

Forums for discussion of specific topics with specially invited outside experts will also be arranged where necessary.

Sustainability Committee

Activities to date

Activities in FY 2020

June 2020
Held seventh meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・The report on the impact of the new Covid-19 epidemic on social changes and sustainability activities
  • ・The consideration of materiality penetration and practicing enhancement plan
  • ・The review of human rights activity plans

The enactment of human rights policies by the Benesse group

July 2020
Held eighth meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・Consideration for planning the philosophical project
  • ・The review of materiality penetration and practicing enhancement plan
August 2020

The disclosure of example materiality activities cases on the sustainability site

October 2020
Held ninth meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・The report of Benesse’s Sustainability Study for 2020
  • ・The report on the progress of the philosophy project
  • ・The consideration for approaching the ESG field (specifically focusing on S – society area) and human rights
November 2020
The implementation of “Benesse Sustainability Study 2020” e-Learning course for Benesse Group employees
  • ・Approximately 4,000 people from 28 companies in the Benesse group participated
  • ・Conveyed how corporate philosophy and sustainability are linked together. After that, through some example activities cases, the employees gained a more in-depth understanding of materiality. Furthermore, there were explanations to employees about the importance of sustainability in the new middle term business plan.
  • ・The Sustainability Promotion Committee considered issues such as “which current actions should be further improved upon” and “which are new things that should be attempted.”
  • ・Collected some materiality example activities cases that are currently in progress. There are approximately 3,600 cases being collected. We have planned to expand examples of materiality activities on the site.
August ~ November 2020

The conduction of human rights due diligence for the group companies

December 2020
The conduction of the Benesse Stakeholder Dialogue to hear opinions from outside experts
  • ・Invited professor Akie Iriyama from Waseda Business School, who is well-known for “Ambidextrous business” and set “Innovation” as the main topic for a dialogue with the Benesse Holdings’ CEO Tamotsu Adachi

Being evaluated as the highest rating "A" in the CDP2020 survey "Climate Change" for the third consecutive year

January 2021

The sharing of materiality practice cases in the morning assembly meeting on company anniversary

February 2021
Held the tenth meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・Reported on human rights due diligence and future actions
  • ・Evaluated the ESG strategy
  • ・Reported the Benesse Sustainability Study 2020 results and future actions
  • ・Reported philosophy project progress

Gained the highest selection rank “Leader board” in CDP supplier engagement evaluation

Activities in FY 2019

May 2019
Held fourth meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・Considered employee communication measures for FY 2019
  • ・Discussed summary of the ESG evaluation, how to respond to issues, and opportunities for the Benesse Group.
August 2019
Started the "Sustainability Study", e-Learning for Benesse Group employees
  • ・With the email sent from the Chairperson, Mr. Adachi, approximately 3,000 people tackled the e-Learning over three months.
  • ・Explained why Benesse engages in sustainability and SDGs with reference to the corporate philosophy, focusing on the employees' in-depth understanding.
  • ・At the completion of the e-Learning, gathered answers in relation to the "What Benesse should be in 10 years time," which will be used for discussion for future materiality decisions.
September 2019
Held first Sustainability Meetup in which we invited outside experts to help employees consider social problems
child poverty
Hyungsik Lee (representative director, Learning for All NPO)

Reference article “Sustainability Meetup” is an employees' study group on social issues: providing support for children dealing with problems (Benesse's action on sustainability, October 31, 2019)

October 2019
Held fifth meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・Reported results of the Sustainability Study
  • ・Identification of the Benesse Group's materiality
  • ・Progress of the group's ESG activities, future direction
Held training to experience SDGs at Benesse Group's Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute
Six days over September 26 to October 23
Held training to experience SDGs (sustainable development goals) through card games, and to deepen understanding
Approximately 250 TIEI employees from across greater Tokyo

Reference article Wanting to talk to children about the SDGs in their own words: thoughts on TIEI’s new employee workshop (Benesse's action on sustainability, November 26, 2019)

November 2019
Held second Sustainability Meetup
Miki Matheson (Education Committee Member, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Education Committee Member, International Olympic Committee (IOC))

Reference article “Meetup” is an employees’ study group on social issues: Education can both make and change discrimination and prejudices (Benesse's action on sustainability, December 24, 2019)

December 2019
Held External Seminar on Diversity

Planned as a corporate study meeting to learn how to make a friendly workplace to people of diverse backgrounds but primarily LGBT. HR and general affairs representatives from across the group participated.

Mika Yakushi (representative director, ReBit Authorized NPO)
January 2020
Held morning assembly on the anniversary of the company founding
  • ・The Chairperson, Mr. Adachi, delivered a message to the employees on the group's materiality
  • ・Employee presentation on case studies
February 2020
Held sixth meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・Details of the disclosure and identification of the Benesse Group's materiality
  • ・Discussion on group's engagement with human rights
  • ・Summary for the financial year and direction for next financial year
February 2020
The Chairperson, Mr. Adachi, was a plenary speaker at Sustainable Brands 2020 YOKOHAMA, where companies, local government bodies, and organizations from Japan and abroad gathered
  • ・Reported on progress of sustainability for the group
  • ・Introduced two examples of activities based on the Sustainability Vision

Reference article Benesse plenary session at Sustainable Brands 2020 Yokohama - Conveying "Live well" to society, conveying "Live well" to the future (March 18, 2020) (Japanese Only)

Activities in FY 2018

September 2018

Establishment of the Sustainability Committee and approval by Benesse Holdings' Board of Directors

Group employees informed by committee chairman Tamotsu Adachi

November 2018

Press release announcing establishment of the committee

First meeting of the Sustainability Committee
Part 1
Inputs by invited outside experts on theme of "SDG "commitments required of companies in the future"
Part 2
First meeting to re-verify corporate philosophy and DNA, discuss 2030 social environment forecasts, and consider the Sustainability Vision
December 2018 Committee's establishment and its activities announced to group employees in C, the Benesse Group's in-house newsletter
January 2019
Second meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・ Second meeting to consider the Sustainability Vision
  • ・ Re-verification of corporate philosophy in light of the Sustainability Vision
  • ・ Discussion of materiality process
January 2019 Reporting of activities to outside directors and auditors
January 2019
Morning assembly on company anniversary
  • ・ Action on sustainability announced to employees by committee chairman Tamotsu Adachi
March 2019
Third meeting of the Sustainability Committee
  • ・ Employee feedback on sustainability activities reported
  • ・ Finalization of Sustainability Vision
  • ・ Sustainability activities in FY2019
Training sessions to raise understanding in the group of the SDGs
  • ・ Approximately 20 individuals from group companies participated
  • ・ Qualified employees acted as instructors to provide hands-on experience of the outlook embodied by the SDGs through SDG card game

Future activities

The Sustainability Committee will pursue further “communication with employees,” “communication with stakeholders,” “selection of materialities,” “integration and rationalization of ESG management,” and “promotion of understanding and stimulation of action on SDGs based on the Sustainability Vision.

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