Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Consolidated Subsidiaries

(As of March 31, 2023)

Name of company Common stock
(Millions of yen)
Ratio of shareholding
Description of business
Benesse Corporation 3,000 100.0 Shinkenzemi correspondence courses for preschool, elementary, junior and senior high school students, Shinken Simulated Exams, magazines
Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute, Inc. 642 61.9 Education business focused on education through individual tuition
Benesse i-Career, Co., Ltd. 261 51.0 Career-development and career educational support services for university students and the adult
UP Inc. 100 100.0 Operation of schools providing educational guidance including preparation for entrance examinations, primary instructional science laboratories, and English conversation instruction
Classi Corp. 100 67.3 Development and operation of educational platform
Shinken-AD Co., Ltd. 65 100.0 Advertising services and creation of university information magazines
Plandit Co., Ltd. 40 100.0 Planning and editing of study materials
EDUCOM Corporation 33 100.0(100.0) Developing school management support systems
Benesse BE studio Inc. 10 100.0 Operation of English schools and international preschools
Learn-S Co., Ltd. 10 100.0 Planning, editing, production and sales of study materials
Tokyo Educational Institute Co., Ltd. 10 100.0 Operation of Tetsuryokukai, a highly successful prep school which helps prepare students hoping to enter elite universities
Benesse Corporation China 125,000 Thousands of RMB 100.0 Sale of correspondence course materials for pre-schoolers
Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd. 100 100.0 Operation of nursing care business, childcare and afterschool care business
Benesse Senior Support Co., Ltd. 100 100.0(100.0) Nursing home-search service, operation of consultation services for nursing care, hosting seminars on nursing care
Benesse Palette Co., Ltd. 100 80.0(80.0) Delivery of prepared food for the elderly
Heart Medical Care Co., Ltd. 80 100.0 Providing recruitment and dispatch services for medical, nursing, and welfare business
Benesse MCM Corp. 80 100.0(100.0) Medical and nursing care recruitment and dispatch service business
PT. Benesse Indonesia 272,700 Million INR 100.0(0.1) Operation of prep schools in Indonesia
Benesse InfoShell Co., Ltd. 150 100.0 Information system maintenance and operation business, information processing service business
Benesse Business-mate, Inc. 50 100.0(2.0) Cleaning, mail services, OA, general affairs and accounting agencies
Naoshima Cultural Village Co., Ltd. 20 100.0 Operation and management of Hotels
Benesse Base-Com, Inc. 20 100.0 Logistics and data processing of tests and teaching materials for schools
Benesse Hong Kong Co., Ltd. 3,600 Thousands of HKD 100.0 General trading and quality assurance related to educational equipment, toys and other items
  • Plus 14 other subsidiaries
  • The parentheses in ''Ratio of shareholding'' indicate the ratio of indirect ownership.

Last updated : 2023/07/07