Frequently Asked Questions

1. Financial Related

When does Benesse announce its financial results?

Our fiscal year ends on March 31st. You will find the "Financial Statements" the day of the announcements. The schedule of the announcements are as follows.

The first quarter
(from April
to June)
Early August
The second quarter
(from April
to September)
Early November
The third quarter
(from April
to December)
Early February
The full year
(from April,
to next March)
Early May

You can see the financial results announcement materials from the "Financial Results (Japan GAAP) & Analyst Meeting" page.

I would like to obtain detailed information on Benesse's financial performance.

Please refer to the "Financial Results (Japan GAAP) & Analyst Meeting" and the "Financial Data" page.

I would like to know the prospects of business results.

Please refer to the "Financial Results (Japan GAAP) & Analyst Meeting" and the "Financial Forecast" page.

I would like to know the past performance and changes in indicators.

Please refer to the "Financial Data".

2. Stock Related

What is Benesse's stock code?

It is 9783.

What is the minimum number of stocks allowed per trade?

It is 100.

I would like to be informed of the recent movement of Benesse's stock price.

Please refer to the "Stock Prices" page.

3. General

When was Benesse established?

It is January 28, 1955.

When was Benesse listed?

It is 1995.

OSE second part, listed on Gose
Replaced by a part of the OSE
Listed on the TSE
Transition to Prime Market in the TSE
What does "Benesse" mean?

Benesse is a coined word that combines Latin bene (good, right) and esse (live).

Please tell us about the market environment.

Please check from the "Introducing the Benesse Group" page.

Last updated : 2023/11/13