Overview of Benesse Holdings, inc.

Corporate Data

Name Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Date established January 28, 1955
Headquarters 3-7-17 Minamigata, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0807, Japan

The Benesse Group

Group companies

The Benesse Group consists of Benesse Holdings and 42 Consolidated subsidiariess.

Our Business

The Benesse Group does business in four main segments: (1) domestic educational services, (2) overseas business, (3) care and preschool services, and (4) language services.

Number of employees

Number of employees

(Consolidated data as of March 31 of each year)

Fiscal year20142015201620172018
Employees 20,00520,14520,60721,02220,387

Average salary

Average annual salary (Benesse Holdings)

(As of March 31 of each year)

Fiscal year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Average annual salary (in thousands of yen) 9,448 9,433 9,424 9,304 9,039

Involvement in outside organizations and initiatives

Spending on social engagement

Total spending on social engagement (FY2017) ¥318 million
(Of which donations) (¥291 million)

Supply chain

The Benesse Group manufactures some products at its own factories and some at outsourcing plants. These outsourcing plants are located mainly in countries such as China and Myanmar.
Outsourcing contractors are regularly audited to check their environments and working practices, and they are required to practice good corporate social responsibility in their procurement activities.

Action on climate change risks

The Benesse Group recognizes environmental issues as a key global concern. It regards positive action on the environment as a corporate duty and management priority, and it has adopted a group-wide policy on the environment.
Group companies comply with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations, and pursue ongoing improvements in their environmental management systems and environmental performance. Action is taken to encourage employees to make their own contributions through their work, and every effort is made to lower and eliminate environmental impacts at every stage from planning and development to production.
Environmentally-friendly action is also taken in partnership with our suppliers from procurement through to distribution.

Last updated : 2019/04/26