Our Business and the Environment

Activities through Our Business

Benesse Corporation is working to reduce its environmental impact through its businesses. As part of these efforts, the Company is striving to reduce paper usage in the core education business by adopting digital educational materials, among other measures.


Procurement and Logistics Initiatives

Benesse Corporation produces a large amount of products every year and delivers them to customers. For this reason, Benesse conducts consistent environmental initiatives based on procurement and logistics perspectives to ensure that environmentally friendly activities are carried out in all processes.

Benesse promotes initiatives in all processes. Examples include modifying specifications to reduce paper usage and recycling packaging and transportation materials.

Consistent Environmental Activities from Sourcing Raw Materials to Delivering Products to Customers SATOSHI AOYAGI Benesse Corporation
& Logistics Dept.
The process of manufacturing products and delivering them to customers can be broadly divided into three stages: purchasing and production, packaging, and delivery. The Procurement and Logistics Dept. is involved in every stage of this process, and is working to conduct consistent environmental activities together with other business departments and partner companies.
For example, there are many different environmental considerations involved in producing even a single textbook. As a company that purchases huge amounts of printing paper, we work closely with frontline staff to encourage the procurement of eco-friendly paper, and to increase the accuracy of copies to be printed in order to reduce the disposal amount. Outside the company, we look at the environmental impact of our activities together with suppliers in each process. This entails performing assessments and audits of the environmental activities of production plants and re-examining delivery methods, among other measures.
These sorts of environmentally conscious initiatives ultimately help to reduce inventories and costs, and thereby often contribute positively to our business.
As an organization, we recognize that we can contribute to both the company and society by fostering an awareness of environmental issues and proposing solutions both internally and externally. That is precisely why we are able to carry out consistent environmental measures throughout our business activities.


Last updated : 2019/07/26