Raise Environmental Awareness through Education

Benesse Corporation provides environmental education programs tailored to developmental stages, from preschool to college years, as part of efforts to raise children's interest in the environment.

Teaching Preschoolers to Recycle Educational Materials

Benesse promotes an active, participatory-type environmental education program in which parents and children, who take part in Benesse's Kodomo Challenge courses, are asked to bring the used lesson materials and toys of their courses to a Shimajiro Concert, where they are collected for recycling.
This program is popular for being easy for young children to understand and take part in.

Children put their educational materials in collection box for recycling

Environmental Essay Contest

Every year, Benesse Corporation conducts participatory essay contests for students from elementary school up to senior high school. The event is held during the summer holidays, when the students have time off from school. Students are asked to submit reports and short essays that consider the theme of the environment. The goal is to provide them with the opportunity to take environmental action. In the elementary school awards category, the awards including those from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology were presented to recognize excellent submissions in the environmental category.

The Awards Ceremony for the elementary school awards category

Exploring the Environment through Electric Vehicles
  • In the hope of providing children with an opportunity to explore the environment, we produced the Shimajiro Car EV to mark the 25th anniversary of Kodomo Challenge.

    Shimajiro Car EV
  • We incorporated a new Electric Vehicle & Lamp Kit into educational materials for elementary school students, in order to provide content that stimulates their intellectual curiosity and give them an opportunity to realize the importance of energy resources.

    Electric Vehicle & Lamp Kit

Last updated : 2018/12/25