Senior / Nursing Care

Perform vital functions for local communities amid the aging of society by providing personalized residential and lifestyle support that enables people to lead their lives in the way that they wish.

Japan has aged rapidly to the point where more than 24% of the population was 65 or older in 2012. This ratio is forecast to advance to one in three by 2035.

As the population ages, more people will require nursing care. People who need nursing care face lifestyle restrictions and cannot easily live as they would like without help from those around them.

The Benesse Group aspires to play an integral role in local communities, responding to the needs of senior citizens with individualized assistance that enables them each to live as they desire.


  • 1.Initiatives Rooted in Business Activities

    • Becoming an Essential Part of Communities
    • Concept of "Total Senior Living"
    • Operation of Nursing Homes for Seniors
  • 2.Initiatives Supporting Business

    • Customer Relations
    • Securing and Developing Human Resources
    • Co-existing with Local Communities

Last updated : 2018/03/30