Message from Management

In 2021, the Benesse Group formulated a five-year medium-term management plan to “Evolve Core Businesses and Expand into New Fields.” Management from each business segment introduce their medium- to long-term strategies for the changing business environment.

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How We Create Value

We are responding to the changes in the business environment and creating value in our four business segments to support people over their whole lives.

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Enhancing Operational Resources

We are enhancing our governance and capital resources to strengthen the management base for ongoing value creation in the future.

Messages from the chair of the board and the newly appointed director

Katsumi Ihara

Outside Director
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mutsuo Iwai

Outside Director

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  • Benesse Group Corporate Philosophy & Principles
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  • Focus 1 Ensuring that learning goes on despite the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Focus 2 Fusing people and digital technology as only Benesse can
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  • Focus 3 Using technology to improve QOL
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Last updated : 2021/11/29