Medium-Term Management Plan

Benesse Group Transformation Business Plan

The Benesse Group announced its Medium-Term Management Plan in November 2020, and this March 2023 marked the end of Phase 1 , or the first two years as presented in the Plan. Given the results of Phase 1 and various changes in the environment surrounding the Company and each of its businesses, we have refined the Medium-Term Management Plan and developed the Transformation Business Plan.

Goals of the Transformation Business Plan

Overall structure of the Transformation Business Plan

In order to achieve the Group purpose, we will organize the direction of entire business through our portfolio strategy. Based on this, we will formulate transformation plan on existing core businesses and transformation plan on new businesses. We will allocate assets in a balanced manner and restructure the management system to realize the plans.

Direction / Portfolio transformation / Management systems to achieve the plan

Group purpose

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Benesse” (Well-being), we have presented the Group purpose as a principle of management that we pursue going forward. It is intended to serve not only as a statement that gives you a better understanding of what the Benesse Group is aiming to achieve but also as a guideline for each and every employee in the Group.

Anybody can enjoy lifelong growth. Toward a world in which everyone can live their own life. Benesse will continue to aim for these ideals.

Material issues (Sustainability-focused activities)

In developing the Transformation Business Plan, we reviewed our material issues to align them with the current status. As a result, we have updated the material issues, which comprises the three business themes for realizing our purpose and the promotion of ESG initiatives as a foundation to underpin these themes.

Material issues

Portfolio transformation

We have categorized current businesses as the following three area. We will promote transformation of business portfolio.

Pursue sustainable profit growth through portfolio structure transformation

Strategy:Transformation of core businesses

Core Education

Japan / China

Core Nursing Care

Recovery of occupancy rate through measures to encourage the desire to move into facilities and reinforced sales capabilities and management

Strategy:Challenges for new growth

New Fields

University and Working Adult Business / Nursing care peripheral businesses / Overseas

Management systems and corporate transformation

To achieve portfolio transformation set forth in the Transformation Business Plan, we will establish, through management systems and corporate transformation, a system in which top management and CXO can drive execution.

Management system transformation・Corporate transformation

Financial target

Financial KPI

Cash allocation

The investment plan allocates approx. 50% of them to new fields. We also make Investments in core business transformation while verifying ROI.

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Last updated : 2023/09/29