BE studio
An English language school for children aged from 9 months-old to junior high school students.
The philosophy and brand adopted in 1990, coined by combining the Latin roots ā€œbeneā€ (well) and ā€œesseā€ (being).
Benesse Art Site Naoshima
Benesse Art Site Naoshima is an art project developed on Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima islands through collaboration between Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd and the Fukutake Foundation.
Benesse Nursing Homes
Benesse Nursing Homes provide nursing care and other necessary support for elderly residentsā€™ daily lives, including meal provision.
The business centers on day-to-day care of residents in specified nursing homes licensed to provide nursing care. There are seven different brands of nursing homes and housing for the elderly (Aria, Clara, Granny & Granda, Madoka, Bon Sejour, Cocohi, Li-Re) offering various prices and services to meet a broad range of customer needs.
Benesse Report
Benesseā€™s integrated report.


A magazine dedicated to cat owners.
From advice on training, wellness, caring for and raising your cat, to information on health issues and choosing the best pet food, this magazine covers everything to enjoy a healthy happy life with your beloved pet.
An educational platform developed to provide diversified support for the introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools.
The Classi app for PCs, tablets, and smartphones is used in junior and senior high schools, vocational schools, and other educational environments.
Class Benesse
Class Benesse is a class-based environment utilizing Shinkenzemi self-study materials.
Class Benesse identifies each students individual learning needs and uses Shinkenzemi study materials, or materials designed specifically for the Class Benesse environment, to help students improve their grades in the shortest possible time.
Cumulative Enrollment (Shinkenzemi)
A measure of the cumulative total of members receiving Shinkenzemi study materials during the 12 month period from April to March of the following year. This is different to ā€œnumber of members,ā€ which refers to the number of members receiving Shinkenzemi materials in a given month.


A magazine dedicated to dog owners.
From advice on training, wellness, caring for and raising your dog, to information on health issues and choosing the best pet food, this magazine covers everything to enjoy a healthy happy life with your beloved pet.


Global Test of English Communication (GTEC)
An English proficiency test offered to all ages from elementary school and up.
GTEC tests all four language skills and certifies test-takers with an official score. Each test level contains ten different types of questions designed to assess English communicative ability across the age range.


Hiyoko Club
A parenting magazine published alongside "Tamago Club" since 1993.
Sharing practical information and advice on baby nutrition, health, and other baby and toddler care topics.


Korasho is a character featured in the Shinkenzemi Elementary School Courses for early elementary grades (up to third grade).


Long-Term Care Insurance System
Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is a public welfare system that provides long-term health care benefits to those eligible (i.e. issued a Certification for Long-Term Care Need or Certification for Support Need).
This program was launched in 2000 as part of the social insurance system. LTCI is a public program administered by municipalities and paid for by all persons over 40 through Long-term Care premiums and tax contributions.


Red Pen Teacher
Study support staff who grade the work of students enrolled in the Shinkenzemi correspondence courses.
The Shinkenzemi courses for elementary, junior, and senior high school students contain Red Pen Teacher questions which are carefully reviewed by the Red Pen Teacher and include advice on how best to study in the future. In the Elementary School Courses, Red Pen Teachers are assigned to specific students to provide better one-to-one support. Generally, a Red Pen Teacher will be assigned to a student for one year.


The main character appearing in the Kodomo Challenge Preschool Courses.
In the Chinese version of Kodomo Challenge, Shimajiro is called Chaofu.
Shinkenzemi is Benesseā€™s correspondence course brand.
Course materials are designed entirely for self-study and the students can choose how they want to use them - to supplement their school-based learning or to help them pass entrance exams.
One of the strengths of Shinkenzemi is that it can be customized to individual student needs by matching coursework with textbooks used at school, the pace of learning, levels of ability, regional differences, or in coordination with the entrance exam of a school the student is planning to take.
Shinken Simulated Exams
Shinken Simulated Exams are mock university entrance exams for high school students. Through regular testing, these exams are designed to foster academic development and offer support in choosing an optimal education path. The content and format of the test are changed as the academic year progresses, and by using statistical data from our stable population of exam takers, students can objectively measure their academic ability on a national scale. The mock exams began as the Kansai Simulated Exams for high school students in 1962.
Study Support
A learning assessment study aid to help students choose and plan their optimal educational path.
Study Support combines testing (academic ability research) with questionnaires (learning environment assessment) to gauge the students current ability and learning habits.


Tamago Club
A pregnancy and birth magazine published alongside "Hiyoko Club" since 1993.
Supporting and reassuring mothers through all stages of pregnancy with articles full of helpful advice and guidance every month.
A home and lifestyle magazine first published 1996.
Covering a variety of topics to support comfortable living, from home finance advice, housekeeping hacks, and cooking suggestions, to tips on interior decor, home-ware, diet, beauty, and fashion.


Udemy Inc.
An American EdTech startup company founded in 2010, with a mission to improve lives through learning.
The company operates Udemy, an online learning platform helping to connect people who want to teach and people who want to learn.
Benesse Corporation is the exclusive partner of Udemy, Inc. in Japan, and in February 2020 agreed a capital alliance to strengthen its business initiatives in education.

Last updated : 2022/04/01