Basic IR Policy

Basic Policy

The Benesse Group Principles state that “We seek to grow and develop in a way that earns our shareholders' long term trust.” Ensuring timely and appropriate information disclosure and accountability to our shareholders and investors is also essential from the perspective of corporate governance, and we consider it our duty as a publicly traded company. Accordingly, the Company will strive to earn the trust of its shareholders and investors, and an appropriate evaluation, by conducting investor relations (IR) activities based on the following policy.

IR Organization and Structure

The Company's IR activities are overseen by Executive General Manager of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, while the planning, management, and promotion of IR activities is undertaken by the Investor Relations Department.

The Company's internal divisions, such as the Corporate Strategy, Finance, Accounting, and Corporate Communications divisions, work together flexibly to disclose corporate and financial information accurately and promptly to shareholders and investors and engage in dialogue with them.

Information Disclosure Standard

The Company discloses corporate information at appropriate times based on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's rules on timely disclosure of corporate information of the listed security issuers ("Timely Disclosure Rules.")

The Company also actively discloses information that is not subject to the standards of the Timely Disclosure Rules if it is deemed likely to practically influence the investment decisions of investors and shareholders or to be useful for increasing their understanding of the Company.

(Disclosures subject to this policy)

This policy applies to the following disclosures.

Statutory disclosures
  • Disclosures in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
    Securities Reports, Quarterly Reports, Internal Control Reports, Extraordinary Reports, etc.
  • Disclosures in accordance with the Companies Act
    Business Reports, Financial Statements, Consolidated Financial Statements, etc
Disclosures required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Timely disclosures
    Disclosures of information about corporate decisions or events for which the Tokyo Stock Exchange requires timely disclosure
  • Corporate Governance Reports
Other disclosures
  • Disclosure materials related to IR activities, Integrated Report, Everyday communications with analysts and institutional investors, etc.

Information Disclosure Process / Methods

Information that corresponds to the items for disclosure based on the Timely Disclosure Rules will be disclosed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network (“TDnet”) system as well as being promptly posted on the Company's website.

Timely Disclosure Framework

Spokespersons in IR Activities

In order to ensure the accuracy of information and fairness of disclosure, the Company, in principle, designates the CEO, CFO, Executive General Manager of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations , General Manager , and members of the Investor Relations Department as spokespersons to communicate with investors.

In addition, Directors including Outside Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, other officers and employees may also serve as spokespersons when it is deemed necessary and to the extent authorized by the spokespersons on a case-by-case basis.

Enhancing Communication

In addition to timely disclosures, the Company will issue IR tools (Supplementary Materials, Data Book, Letter to Shareholders, and so forth) and enhance its website as a means of communicating fairly and clearly with shareholders and investors about its business strategies, business activities, finances, and other important management information.

The Company will hold presentations and respond to daily inquiries, among other means, to enhance direct communication with its shareholders and investors.

The opinions and feedback that the Company receives from shareholders and investors will be promptly communicated to the representative director and CEO, the responsible executive officers, and others, to help improve management.

Please review the “Communication with Shareholders and Investors” section of our Investor Relations site for details regarding communication.

Silent Period

To prevent leaks of information on financial results, in principle the Company will observe silent periods for three weeks before the scheduled announcement date of quarterly financial results and four weeks before the scheduled announcement of its end-of-year financial results. During these times, the Company will refrain from commenting or answering questions about its financial results.


Disclosures are not intended to be solicitations to buy or sell securities. Disclosures include risks and uncertainties such as plans, forecasts, and strategies. Future performance forecasts are based on judgments derived from currently available information. Making investment decisions based on the information within is not recommended, and any decisions made are entirely on the judgment of the information user.

Last updated : 2023/04/28