Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Benesse proactively discloses information to shareholders and investors, with superior IR disclosure tools and emphasis on mutual communication, while conducting IR.

Active IR activities conducted openly and transparently

The President and CFO provide explanations of company performance and business strategy in their own words at financial results analyst meetings held twice a year.
Proceedings from these sessions are also published and streamed online in the form of videos, transcripts of presentations, and question and answer session summaries. We hold around 200 individual meetings and small meetings for institutional investors and securities analysts both in Japan and overseas, engaging in open, candid discussions about our performance and the direction of our business.

We also actively communicate with overseas institutional investors. Participating in conferences organized by brokerages as well, our communication efforts reach a broad range of investor categories.

To enable even more people to attend our General Meetings of Shareholders, we hold the meetings on Saturdays. In addition, we also conduct hybrid participation-type virtual shareholders meetings. For stakeholders who are unable to attend, we publish and stream videos, transcripts of presentations, question and answer session summaries, and other material from the meetings on our website just as we do for financial results analyst meetings.

Disclosures on our IR website

With the principle of fair disclosures in mind, we strive to provide an extensive range of information on our website. In addition to the proceedings from financial results analyst meetings and General Meetings of Shareholders which we make available on the website, we also disclose various IR materials, financial data, and press releases in a timely manner.

We have also established a website geared toward individual investors, designed to help those unfamiliar with Benesse to gain a greater understanding of our company. It points out the strengths of Benesse and our strategies, as well as information about our business performance, presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Details of main activities

Activity Details Explanation from company representative themselves
Creation and announcement of disclosure policy The Company’s disclosure policy is as detailed on the following websites:
Japanese website
English website
Holding of regular briefings for analysts and institutional investors The President, CFO and IR representatives hold results briefings twice a year and regular small meetings for institutional investors. Explanations are given on topics such as earnings performance, future business strategy, and medium-term business plans. Yes
Holding of regular briefings for foreign investors Although we have refrained from traveling overseas after the spread of the COVID-19, we hold frequent meetings with overseas investors through the use of online tools. The CFO, the executive officer in charge of IR, and IR staff participate in conferences hosted by securities firms as appropriate, and engage in dialogue with a wide variety of institutional investors regarding management policies and business performance. Yes
Holding of one-on-one meetings with analysts, institutional investors, and voting rights holders Around 200 individual meetings and small meetings are held each year. Yes
Uploading of IR materials to the company website Materials are uploaded to the following websites:
Japanese website
English website
Website for individual investors
Japanese website
English website
Establishment of IR job positions (dedicated IR representatives) Dedicated IR representatives are deployed in the Investor Relations Department

External assessments of our IR tools

Our IR website, Integrated Report, and other IR tools have earned high praise from society.

Last updated : 2023/06/26