Our Business (Services)

As of the end of March 2022

The Benesse Group promotes well-being in every stage of life

Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting

Helping parents with the task of child-raising

We provide careful, attentive support including useful knowledge for childbirth and consultations on the changing concerns of mothers and fathers as their children grow.


Opening up the potential of children’s curiosity

We stimulate children’ s natural curiosity while emphasizing child-parent interaction. We work to instill good lifestyle habits, while expanding children’s horizons through intellectual training, English language education, and more.

Elementary, junior high and senior high school students

Reinforcing children’s motivation

Through the assistance we provide in correspondence courses and schools, we build children’s motivation and give each of them support that leads to a bright future.

University students and working adults

Stimulating motivation to learn for every generation

We offer services for a wide range of age groups, including overseas study support, job search and hiring assistance to match university students with companies, and foreign language education for working adults. We actively stimulate motivation for learning.

Households and living

Spreading a broad range of information about daily living

We utilize media such as magazines and websites to deliver a wealth of information on home life, living with pets, and other topics while also helping to form communities.


Helping seniors live their own way, every day

We want to be a close presence for each of our customers and help them to live every day their own way, whatever their age. We are also exploring ways for seniors to interact with infants in their daily lives.

Last updated : 2022/06/01