Our Business (by Segment)

As of March 31, 2023

The Benesse Group operates in three business segments, promoting well-being for everyone.

Education Business
in Japan

Individual learning that leads to the future

From preschool to senior high school students and even working adults, we offer educational services and materials tailored to various learning styles and needs, with a priority on the fun of learning and joy of self-development.

Major Business Types and Services

  • Correspondence courses

    • Develop independent and self-learning skills

      Shinkenzemi offers materials matched to each individualā€™s specific needs and development stage, in both digital and paper formats for the best balance.

    • English education

      We are improving educational materials to develop the four skills of English language proficiency, namely listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

  • School & Teacher Support Business

    To support school education, we offer products such as Shinken Simulated Exams for university entrance exams, and the GTEC test which measures the four skills of English language proficiency.

  • Cram schools / Classrooms

    Cram schools, preparatory courses, and English language lessons for children.

  • University and Working Adult

    We conduct services for university students and working adults which include our education business, study abroad support, and employment support.

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Kids & Family

We want to spread happiness through learning around the world.

Benesseā€™s proprietary education services are tailored to childrenā€™s developmental stages and are recognized overseas as well for their shared values in education. We target further global development and business growth, mainly in Asia.

Major Business Types and Services

  • Japan

    Kodomo Challenge

    Kodomo Challenge covers diverse recommended learning themes for preschool ages, and creates opportunities for each age level to develop interest and think independently. Further, we offer a wide array of English language education materials to suit different levels of English language experience and proficiency from early childhood.

  • China/Taiwan

    We operate kodomo Challenge in countries and regions such as China and Taiwan. We aim to grow even more while increasing our presence in the lives of customers in various countries and regions.

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Helping with a variety of knowledge including for people who have just started something new

We offer products and services that aim to make life even better and more fulfilling for women and their families.

Major Business Types and Services

  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting

    Utilizing feedback from women in pregnancy or involved in parenting, we provide information and products to assist with everyday living.

  • Living

    We provide lifestyle information and support everyday living through forums for communication with customers.

  • Pets

    We offer magazines, websites, and more to help enrich life with pets.

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Nursing Care and Childcare

Providing healthy environments where people can be themselves

Placing importance on deep respect for peopleā€™s individuality and their personal growth, we facilitate the well-being of seniors, children, and their families.

Major Business Types and Services

  • Nursing home and home help services

    So that people can continue to live in a familiar area and enjoy a way of life that always suits them, we operate nursing homes for seniors including fee-based homes and elderly houses with care services. As of March 31, 2023, we operate 352 such facilities mainly in urban residential areas. In addition, we provide home help services and daytime nursing care services.

  • Food delivery services

    The Benesse no Ouchi Gohan service offers delivery of different delicious, seasonally inspired, and nutritionally balanced meals each day.

  • Daycare and afterschool care

    Benesse operates 65 daycare centers and 36 after school childcare centers, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area (as of April 1, 2023). We operate these facilities with the aim of expanding possibilities for children, the future generation.

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Last updated : 2023/08/09