How to Use this Website

Change text size

You can change the font size using the Text Size buttons at the top right of each page.
Click on the left button to make the text smaller, and the right button to make it larger.

* You can also adjust the text size using the settings in your browser.

Site Search

At the top right of each page is a search box. Enter a key word into this box and press the magnifying glass button to bring up a list of all the pages on the site that contain the key word.

Switching between Japanese and English

On the English page, you can change the language to Japanese by clicking either the Japanese link (1) or the Japanese button (2), both of which are at the top right of the page.
The link (1) will take you to the Japanese version of the home page, and the button (2) will take you to the Japanese version of the current page.

On the Japanese pages, you will find a English link and button in the same position for returning to the English page.

RSS Feeds

This website distributes the following RSS feeds

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:Links that display PDF files.

:Links that display Microsoft Excel files.

:Links that display video content

:Links that open in a separate window

Navigation Breadcrumbs

Navigation breadcrumbs show the levels from the top page through to the current page, from left to right.
The breadcrumbs are hyperlinked, so you can click on them to return directly to a higher level.

Last updated : 2018/03/30