Sustainability Vision

Sustainability Vision

Sustainability Vision

“Well-being” in society and
for the future.

In the coming era, when change will be normal state of things,
to achieve our aim of an abundant, sustainable world,
we want to reconsider all social issues with a “people-centric” perspective,
and create a society in which everyone can seek out the things they want to do and take on those challenges.
Each and every one of our employees will practice our corporate philosophy of “Benesse = Well-Being,” and extend it to their local communities, to society at large, and to the future.

Steps in development of Sustainability Vision

Once the decision had been taken to form the Sustainability Committee, consistency with factors including the following was investigated through the activities of the committee’s participating members.

  • 1. Reaffirmation of Benesse’s corporate philosophy (“Benesse Group Corporate Philosophy”) underlying all discussions
  • 2. Input of environmental forecasts by outside experts (forecasts of business environments in education and nursing care fields, diversity of work styles and human resources, etc.)
  • 3. Interviews with individual committee members (regarding Benesse’s management philosophy and ethos, thinking on corporate activities, etc.)
  • 4. Developments in the international community regarding sustainability (including the SDGs) and the company’s own mid-term management plan

Based on the results of these investigations, the committee discussed possible ways and areas in which the Benesse Group could contribute to addressing social challenges in or after 2030. The results of discussions resulted in the formulation of five principles of action, which were integrated to produce the Benesse Group Sustainability Vision. Committee members discussing the vision.

Position on contribution to SDGs

Coinciding with the adoption of this Sustainability Vision, the Benesse Group also discussed approaches to contributing to the SDGs and core themes.

The materiality was established in 2020 as a key issue for the concrete implementation of the above. Subsequently, in light of various changes in the environment, the materialities were reviewed in 2023 in line with the current situation in order to formulate a transformation business plan that brushed up the medium-term management plan announced in 2020. By realising each materiality, we will contribute to the SDG targets.

Details of the SDG targets corresponding to each materiality can be found below.

The various Benesse Group initiatives contributing to the SDGs are also summarised below.

Last updated : 2023/11/09