Projects Summary : Support education underpinning children's healthy growth toward the future

Our children, who will lead the future, need a wide variety of experiences that provide the opportunity to grow and nurture a good heart. By collaborating with people and groups engaged in a variety of activities for children, we hope to support education that fosters the healthy growth of children.

Supporting Preschool Educators in China: Soong Ching Ling Preschool Education Award

Benesse Corporation supports early childhood education in China through the Soong Ching Ling Preschool Education Award. Under an arrangement with our partner the China Welfare Institute, each year we pick one or two preschool educators in each province with excellent performance records, and invite them to accept awards in Shanghai.Award recipients also participate in early childhood education study sessions and tours of cutting-edge facilities, putting what they learn to use in their own educational activities.

  • Photo caption : Soong Ching Ling Preschool Education Award Ceremony

Support for Donations of A Picture Book "You Are the Only One But Never A Lonely One"

Benesse supports the aims of Specified NPO Cross Wise (XYZ), which seeks to express gratitude for the tremendous assistance that was received from all around the world after the Great East Japan Earthquake. XYZ has enlisted the support of various companies in producing a picture book, "You Are the Only One But Never a Lonely One," which conveys the importance of connecting the world through heart-to-heart communication in a simple, easy-to-understand way, and providing the book to children around the world. In fiscal 2012, Benesse contributed to the donation of the book to public libraries in Japan, in the hope that its message will reach many children and enable them to feel the importance of heart-to-heart communication in life-the irreplaceable spirit of helping one another, thinking of others, and feeling grateful that has been forged through the experience of the earthquake.

  • Photo caption: "You Are the Only One But Never a Lonely One"