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Implementing the Service Navigation System

Based on its philosophy of “being closely tuned in to how people are,” Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd. operates its core business in the management of nursing homes with the perspective of the resident in mind. The company is striving to improve the quality of its services using the Benesse Method, a systematized scientific approach based on 20 years of practical knowledge. One example of such an initiative is the Service Navigation System explained here.

Supporting recordkeeping and sharing of information in the nursing care setting

After providing care to residents, nursing and caregiving staff at nursing homes must record detailed descriptions of the services they provided and the condition of the resident they provided the services to. Since this information has traditionally been managed on paper, it was taking a lot of time to record, check, and share this information. In response, Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd. developed a nursing care and caregiving recordkeeping platform called the Service Navigation System (which we will refer to as “Service Navi”) in 2017 which revolutionizes the way services are provided in nursing care settings.

Developed in-house, Service Navi makes it easy to record, check, and share information by accessing a single system through multiple devices including computers and smartphones. Care that should be provided to residents is also displayed as icons on timetables, making it possible to understand at a single glance what services are being provided to residents. This allows for smoother handovers between staff members and information sharing, which are essential elements in nursing homes, while also freeing up more time to actually provide care to the residents.

Encouraging realizations to be gained from the information gathered within Service Navi

Service Navi aims to do more than just improve productivity.
Implementing Service Navi significantly increased the volume of information recorded by staff. Each staff member thinks about what type of service to provide based on this information, which leads (= navigates) to providing higher quality services. The recordkeeping screen, created to thoroughly execute and manage living plans that differ according to varied resident requests, makes it possible to record the reactions and status changes of each resident in detail, and is designed to encourage staff to realize things from this detailed information. We will improve quality of life (QOL) for residents by providing services based on this information from Service Navi. This is the genuine value that Service Navi creates in the nursing care setting.

Feeling the merit and joy of nursing care work

Benesse Style Care believes that nursing care is a creative line of work. Realize things from recorded information, think about what type of services should be provided in the future, and discuss these among staff members while improving the quality of services. We believe this can reinvigorate the industry itself by sparking the interest of staff in the nursing homes, and giving them a sense of fulfillment from their work which will motivate them to establish themselves in the industry and remain in their jobs. Service Navi is gradually but steadily changing the future of the nursing care setting by supporting creativity in nursing care services.


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Implementing the Service Navigation System

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