Initiatives Supporting Business

Customer Relations

Initiatives to Improve Customer Relations

At our nursing homes, our goal is to assist residents in enjoying life and being themselves. To do that, it is important that we listen to the opinions of the residents and their families, and put in place improvements that adequately address their individual needs, desires and suggestions.
At Benesse Style Care, we also implement an annual survey, which in fiscal 2013 generated more than 16,000 valuable comments. The results were compiled and made available to the residents at each nursing home, and have proven useful in making improvements to nursing home operations. Because we aspire to become an integral part of our communities, we also pay close attention to feedback from members of the community.

Main Survey Items

  • Service in general
  • Nursing home events
  • Nursing home health management
  • Lifestyle planning

Internal Audit

Departments in charge of headquarter functions at Benesse Style Care perform regular internal audits. These internal audits serve to confirm the appropriate stationing of staff, as well as the proper formulation, record keeping and execution of various operational plans. In addition, the audits have actively contributed to maintaining and upgrading service levels by providing guidance on living spaces from the customer's perspective.

Securing and Developing Human Resources

Initiatives to Improve Employee Retention Rates

Benesse Style Care believes that employees are at the heart of services, and that raising retention rates is the foundation of reliable, safe services. So, to enhance our services, we are continuing to take comprehensive measures for retention and development on the human resources front.

In fiscal 2014, we will revise the personnel system to cultivate nursing care professionals with a focus on individual employee growth. We will work to further enhance human resource retention and development.
Improved employee retention rates not only nurture a sense of security among our residents, but, we believe, also lead to better service and a transformation of the nursing care industry as a whole.


Ongoing Staff Recruitment

Experienced staff are essential to the operation of nursing homes for seniors and childcare centers, making hiring and training an important issue. As our business expands year on year, ongoing recruitment becomes imperative to achieving sustained growth, and each year, along with midcareer employess, Benesse Style Care hires hundreds of new graduates.

Personal Development and Training

Benesse Style Care provides over 250 training sessions per year targeting all employees, both service and office staff. Training not only covers hands-on, practical nursing care skills, but also emphasizes emotional training to ensure staff remain constantly supportive of their residents. To further enhance expertise, we are also working aggressively to offer training in specific nursing skills such as oral care and swallowing, as well as in dementia care and other areas.

Episode Pamphlet Publication

The nursing care and childcare businesses rests on connections between a wide variety of people. Benesse Style Care collects stories about the interactions between staff and customers, compiling them in an Episode pamphlet that is shared with employees. Sharing these individual thoughts also generates opportunities for making operational improvements and enhancing services.

An episode pamphlet

Co-existing with Local Communities

Community-oriented Settings

Benesse Style Care insists on creating community-oriented settings. The underlying concept is to promote the view that nursing homes are not special facilities, but rather, a natural part of a community. The company also places great importance on providing the residents of its facilities with opportunities to maintain long-standing social relationships and to interact with the local community.
For example, each of Benesse Style Care's 316 facilities nationwide promotes exchanges with local childcare centers, kindergartens, and elementary and junior high schools.

Nursing Care Seminars and Counseling Sessions

Benesse Style Care uses its nursing homes as venues for free nursing care seminars and counseling sessions targeting residents of nearby communities. Depending on the topic being covered, we may send out our own physical therapists or outside lecturers who pass on, in easily understood terms, expertise in subjects such as assistance with physical transfers and toileting, or exercises as part of dementia preventive care.

Community Nursing Care Consultation Class Begins

Benesse Style Care established Benesse Senior Support Co., Ltd. and started the Benesse Nursing Care Consultation Service to enable customers to casually consult with us on nursing care issues. At the consultations, specialized counselors such as care managers provide information on nursing care-related services and introduce nursing homes. They also hold seminars, study sessions and other events. Through these classes, we will serve as a reliable and trusted counseling point by providing helpful information that meets the needs of community residents.

Last updated : 2018/12/25