Initiatives Rooted in Business Activities

Becoming an Essential Part of Communities

The Senior/Nursing Care business works to play an integral role in the community, placing great importance on providing the elderly with opportunities to maintain longstanding social relationships and interactions with their communities. To respond to individual needs, the Group also promotes the development of a community service network that provides multiple services within the community, while also working to strengthen the Group's strategy of ‘area dominance.’

Concept of "Total Senior Living"

Operation of Nursing Homes for Seniors

Based on the idea that nursing care should not be treated as something special, Benesse locates most of its nursing homes for seniors in urban residential neighborhoods. The company's nursing homes are noted for allowing residents' family members to visit 24 hours a day. Upon admission, the company also works with new residents and their families to create lifestyle plans that will enable the residents to continue enjoying their hobbies and use of free time as they have before.

Number of Nurs ing Homes for Seniors

Last updated : 2018/12/25