Supporting the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

As a Company Dedicated to Serving People

The Benesse Group made donations and conducted various fund-raising activities, while also rendering necessary social services and support through its business activities. This included providing free educational materials and relief supplies and transmitting information and other recovery support activities. Based on circumstances in the affected regions, the Group will continue its recovery support efforts as long as needed. There is a particular need for medium- and long-term support in the area of education and child- rearing, and through its Challenge for the Future Project for Children, Benesse will focus on providing learning opportunities for children and support for those involved in child-rearing.

Major Support Activities Provided by The Benesse Group

Support for Business Recovery and Employment Creation

Participation in Michinoku Recovery Project Partners

Benesse Holdings is participating in the Michinoku Recovery Project Partners project sponsored by ETIC. (a Shibuya, Tokyo-based NPO founded in June, 2012), with the goal of supporting the next generation of leaders who will work toward the recovery of regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Project is a corporate consortium designed to assist the people of the Tohoku region in directing their own recovery efforts by providing the region's future leaders with the combined support of the Project's corporate backers. Based on local needs, participating companies utilize their own resources (people, information, expertise, etc.) and collaborate with one another to assist community leaders and organizations in their recovery efforts.

Michinoku Recovery Project Partners

Support for the Planet Finance Japan "Tohoku Economic Recovery Program"

Benesse Holdings supports the Tohoku Economic Recovery Program, a support program for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake sponsored by Planet Finance Japan. Planet Finance is an international non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in 1998 by Jacques Attali, the first president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which focuses on microfinance projects (financial services for underprivileged people) in developing countries. Planet Finance Japan is a Japanese NGO established in 2006 with the goal of promoting Japan's understanding of and involvement in microfinance. The Tohoku Economic Recovery Program works toward economic recovery and job creation in the disaster-affected regions of Tohoku by offering help for small business owners with fewer than 20 employees with re-starting their businesses and gaining improved access to finance.

Support through Systems and Schemes

The Benesse Fund

In March 2011, soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Group established the Benesse Fund in response to suggestions and encouragement from employees and customers. The fund solicits donations, mainly from employees, customers and Benesse Group companies, and uses the funds to help children, elderly people, and women on an ongoing basis. Benesse Corporation has introduced a system of automatic payroll deductions for employees wishing to make donations, and a matching gift program where the Company matches the amounts donated by its employees.

Recipients are selected through the recommendations of an advisory board of outside experts to ensure transparency. In an effort to shift to more community-based support in response to diversifying regional needs, in fiscal 2014 the Benesse Fund began publicly soliciting organizations interested in receiving donations, and has contributed a total of ¥10 million in donations to seven organizations to date.

Benesse Correspondence Course Scholarship Program

This program was established to provide free educational materials to orphans aged 0 through senior high school (up to age 19). The program was launched after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in the hope of providing long-term learning opportunities for children who have lost both parents and find themselves in very changed circumstances. It provides Benesse's correspondence course services not only to orphans of the Great East Japan Earthquake, but to children throughout Japan who have lost their parents in accidents, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Last updated : 2018/03/30