Initiatives Rooted in Business Activities :
Global Human Resource Development/Providing High-quality Education Services Worldwide

As the march of globalization continues to reshape society, people must develop new abilities, communication skills and other strengths needed to succeed globally. This is vital to expanding one's horizons and pioneering the future. The Benesse Group provides comprehensive services tailored to each customer's needs, ranging from mastering foreign languages and studying abroad, to support for educational advancement overseas, and training of business leaders.

Furthermore, the Group also aims to leverage Benesse's strengths and expertise to develop high-quality education services matching local characteristics in other parts of the world outside Japan.

Support for Advancement to Higher Education Overseas to Unlock Possibilities for Junior High School, Senior High School and University Students

The Benesse Group provides services designed to support advancement to higher education overseas, with the aim of empowering senior high school and university students to expand their own horizons beyond Japan to opportunities abroad.

In 2008, Benesse Corporation opened the Route H prep school offering small, highly personal classes for students seeking entry to top universities overseas. By offering personalized test-taking strategies and high-quality instruction, the Route H prep school helps students to gain entry to these top universities. The prep school has a strong placement record. Among the 84 Route H graduates from 2010 to 2018, 17 students entered Harvard University, while 13 students entered Yale University. Ochanomizu Seminar, a university exam prep school, offers English classes called Overseas University Prep Courses (English). Based on the concept of both teaching practical English and preparing students for university entrance exams, these classes are taught only in English by native English speakers. Besides teaching English language skills needed to enter universities in Japan and overseas, the classes aim to impart study skills that will be effective in any overseas university students may attend in the future, as well as a broad base of general knowledge that will allow students to express their views in any field.

Route H

Nurturing Business Leaders on a Global Stage

In our increasingly borderless modern era, effective communication skills in foreign languages and the capacity to understand foreign cultures have become vital skills for business people. Berlitz Corporation provides world-class language lessons and conducts the Global Leadership Training (GLT) program, which is designed to enhance business communication skills, proficiency in foreign cultures, diversity, social cohesion, practical business skills and leadership skills.

In 1980, Simul International established Simul Academy, an educational institution to train interpreters and translators. Leveraging its expertise in nurturing large numbers of interpreters active on the frontlines of the profession, Simul Academy provides corporations and groups with training in business English and other business skills. Simul Academy also offers language-training services for corporations, where it dispatches instructors to companies according to the objectives and needs of its customers. Simul Academy also provides a variety of courses with flexible schedules for businesspeople, such as night courses and Saturday and Sunday courses, as well as short-term programs.

Nurturing Interpreters and Translators in Support of Globalization

Simul International was launched in 1965 as Japan's first group specializing in interpreting for international meetings and conferences. In 1980, Simul Academy was established as an educational institution to train interpreters and translators. Simul went on to expand its business domains, establishing linguistic human resource services specialist Simul Business Communications, Inc. and simultaneous interpreting equipment specialist Simul Technical Communications, Inc. Simul has also been active in contributing to the development of the entire interpreting industry, including supporting the establishment of the Center for the Advancement of Interpreting Skills (CAIS), an NPO. CAIS conducts various activities including interpreter training and the Test of Business Interpreting Skills (TOBIS).

Scenes from the CAIS Test of Business Interpreting Skills (TOBIS)

Globalization of the Education Business

Benesse's overseas education business started in 1989 with correspondence courses for preschool children in Taiwan. In 2006, we extended the scope of our overseas operations to include South Korea and mainland China. Strong expansion in China has underpinned steady growth in enrollees at our East Asian bases. Benesse plans to open a preschool class in Shanghai in July 2013.

In addition to its East Asian bases, Benesse aims to launch businesses in Indonesia as rapidly as possible. We will continue to expand our operations to provide developmental and educational support for children. In the process, we will give close consideration to the characteristics of each country and region, along with the educational environment, systems and other factors.

Last updated : 2018/12/25