Message from the Chairperson of the Sustainability Promotion Committee

Facing ever-changing social challenges and aiming to realize sustainable business and society based on 'people'

As society continues to undergo significant change, a company-wide business transformation is underway in the Benesse Group, which announced its transformation business plan in May 2023. The first of the ā€œGoalsā€ for the implementation of the plan is to become ā€œa corporate group devoted to solving social issues centered on peopleā€. Since the establishment of the materiality in 2019, we have seen rapid changes in the social environment and business reforms that have led to changes in the social issues faced by each of our businesses, and we have decided to review the materiality in line with the current situation and make a new materiality review. We are now reviewing our materiality in line with the current situation.

ESG perspectives are important to support our business foundation in creating social value by solving issues through our business, and we continue to make efforts in line with changes in society and our customers. Activities continue to focus on the key theme of 'people', including the implementation of human rights due diligence, fostering a learning culture linked to the promotion of DX within the Group, improving productivity and work-life management, expanding the 'B-STAGE' suggestion system by all Group employees, which started in FY2021, and increasing employee engagement through these activities. In particular, we are focusing on reskilling employees to develop leadership that contributes to change, including DX human capital, based on the idea that strengthening human capital is a driver of change and growth.

In addition, a dedicated department has been established from FY2022 to further strengthen diversity promotion. By increasing the ratio of female managers and strengthening the executive pipeline, we aim to create a Benesse Group that not only promotes the success of women, but also enables diverse human resources, including people with disabilities, seniors, and young people, to work in their own way while creating new value on a sustainable basis.

To address environmental and climate change issues, we have expressed our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) and are working to reduce our environmental impact by digitizing our products and services, conducting activities to reduce GHG emissions, and promoting environmental education. In order to expand the scope of our activities to the entire group, we have set group environmental targets for further promotion.

We will continue to make group-wide efforts to realize a sustainable society while deepening the unchanging and universal corporate philosophy of ā€œBenesse = Well-Beingā€ for each and every one of our employees.

June 2023 Managing Executive Officer
Executive General Manager of Sustainability
Chairperson of the Sustainability Promotion Committee

Last updated : 2023/07/04