Consolidated Subsidiaries Data

(As of March 31, 2014)
(Million Yen)
Ratio of
Description of business
Benesse Corporation3,000 100.0 Education, publishing, mail-order sales, etc.
UP Inc.1,667 89.7 Operation of prep schools
Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute, Inc.642 61.9 Operation of prep schools
Shinken-AD Co., Ltd.65 100.0 Advertising services and creation of university information magazines
Plandit Co., Ltd.40 100.0 Planning and editing of study materials
Benesse Base-Com, Inc.20 100.0 Production, distribution and sales of study materials and software
Learn-S Co., Ltd.10 100.0 Planning, editing, production and sales of study materials
Ochanomizu seminar Co., Ltd.10
Operation of prep schools
Tokyo Educational Institute Co., Ltd10 100.0 Operation of prep schools
(Thousand AU$)
100.0 Support for study overseas
Benesse Corporation China125,000
(Thousand RMB)
100.0 Sales of correspondence course materials for preschoolers
Benesse Music Publishing Co.10 100.0 Rights management of music publications
Benesse Style Care Co., Ltd.100 100.0 Operation of senior citizen welfare business
Benesse MCM Corp.80
Introduction and temp staffing of nurses and human resources trained in nursing care
Berlitz Corporation1,005
(Thousand US$)
100.0 Language instruction, global leadership training and support for study overseas
Okayama Language Center50 100.0 Language instruction and translation services
Simul International, Inc.40 100.0 Interpretation, translation and language instruction services
TMJ, Inc.300 60.0 Telemarketing, temporary staffing
Synform Co., Ltd.95 100.0 Computer information processing and systems development and sales
Benesse Business-mate, Inc.50
Office operational management, outsourcing and support services
Naoshima Cultural Village Co., Ltd.20 100.0 Hotel and campsite operation and management
Benesse Insurance Service, Inc.20
Insurance agency business
Benesse Hong Kong Co., Ltd.3,600
(Thousand HK$)
100.0 General trading and quality assurance related to educational equipment, toys and other items
13 other subsidiaries
  • *1 Including an indirect stock holding of 50.0% through subsidiary.
  • *2 Indirect stock holding through subsidiary.
  • *3 Including an indirect stock holding of 4.0% through subsidiaries.
  • *4 Including an indirect stock holding of 64.0% through subsidiaries and affiliates.

Last updated : 2014/09/09

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