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Providing High Quality Service Rigorously Based on Customer-Centric Viewpoints

Representative Director and President,CEO Tamotsu Adachi

The Benesse Group is guided by the corporate philosophy, "Benesse = Well-Being." We conduct business in the fields of education, language, lifestyles, and senior/nursing care, and we help every single customer to increase their motivation to study and to solve problems throughout their lives. In more than 60 years since our foundation in 1955, the Benesse Group has been accumulating knowledge about education and nursing care, and been providing services with close ties to our customers.

Japan is currently facing a time of significant change. In education, emphasis is being placed on active learning and requirements are for education that develops skills for independent learning, thinking ability and problem solving. Cultivating a generation of people who have a truly global perspective is another major theme. Advances are being made in introducing English language education at an early stage, and in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. On the other hand, there is a rapid advance in the effects of the low birthrate and aging society, and as a result support and nursing care for senior generations have become significant issues.

Amid such changes and in anticipation of future society, the Benesse Group has taken a unified, company-wide approach to provide high quality service rigorously based on customer-centric viewpoints. In education, we will leverage our strength of offering a variety of services that include correspondence courses, support for schools, cram and prep schools, language training and overseas study to realize the new type of education that develops the capabilities needed by society from now on. In the senior/nursing care domain, we will enhance services to enable each customer to enjoy a way of life that suits them, centering on a core of enabling customers to select their preferred nursing homes and housing for seniors to match their lifestyles. We will not only focus on Japan, but accelerate business development by means of leveraging our accumulated knowledge overseas in countries such as China and Indonesia.

The Benesse Group, as a leading company in education and nursing care, is dedicated to offering services that make people’s lives better, and continues to take up the challenge of being a corporate group that is both supported by and essential to its customers, communities, and society.

Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Representative Director and President, CEO
Tamotsu Adachi

Last updated : 2016/10/01